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Eagle Sun™ Solar Water Heater Systems
Alternate Energy Technologies

Eagle Sun™ Solar Hot Water Systems
~ Residential & Commercial Applications~

The EagleSun™ line of 80 & 120 gallon drainback solar water heating systems are designed for families with 3-5 members. EagleSun™ solar water heaters have fewer system components than any other active solar system available, making EagleSun™ more dependable and virtually maintenance free. A solar water heater by EagleSun™ will pay for itself several times over through energy savings. Taking full advantage of AET's exclusive Crystal Clear™ selective coating and unique energy distribution technology, the EagleSun™ achieves new levels of performance and efficiency.

Codes & Approvals.

"There is an EagleSun™ Solar Water Heating System for Every Building in the World."

AET’s #1 water heating system

EagleSun™ Solar Water Heaters Features

» Fewer components for easy system installation.

» Maintenance free drainback design for all climate conditions.

» Works on sunny or cloudy days with electrical backup (included).

» Attractive collector design.

» Conforms to national plumbing, electrical, and solar standards.

» The only household appliance that will pay for itself several times during its useful life.

» Long life non-corroding reservoir.

» 10 year limited warranty available.

» Exceeds Energy Star criteria, delivers maximum credit toward Energy Efficient Compliance.

EagleSun™ Solar Water Heating Systems

Every System comes complete with the following:

View AET *Codes & Approvals*

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»Drainback Solar Water Heaters

Three significant advantages make the EagleSun™ Drainback System one of the top performers in the U.S. in both total energy output and efficiency. The simple design eliminates many components. Only 100% drinking water is used in the closed loop instead of chemicals (antifreeze) so no maintenance is required. The collectors and exposed piping drain each time the pump is turned off, assuring freeze protection. Drainback is truly the Premier Solar System.

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»Closed Loop Solar Water Heaters

The EagleSun™ Closed Loop System offers excellent dependability and performance due to the finned copper heat exchanger coil in the tank bottom. As the sun shines on the collectors, non-toxic antifreeze is circulated through the "closed loop" by the pump and heat is transferred into the tank. The potable water in the tank never flows through the collectors. This prevents corrosion or scale buildup in hard water areas. These popular systems have proven to be dependable in installations across the U.S. and world wide. Freeze protection is assured due to the anitfreeze in the collectors and exposed piping.

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»Sav'n'Sun™ DX Drainback Retrofit Solar Water Heating Kit

This small tank has a heat exhanger inside of it that you can just add to an existing storage tank to make any system solar heated without purchasing the special solar storage tank itself.

You read right - Turn your existing water heater into a solar hot water system! The component that makes the Sav'n'Sun™ DX Drainback system unique is the drainback reservoir with built-in heat exchanger. This allows the use of a lightweight glass-lined storage tank. The system collects heat by ciruclating water between the reservoir and collectors and simultaneously, between the storage tank and the heat exchanger inside the reservoir. Since only thermally efficient pure water is used, maximum safety and performance is assured. The DX System is ideally suited to cold regions with many freezing days each year or areas with aggressive water conditions. The simplicity of the drainback provides reliable operation that makes this system an asset to any home located in the colder climes.

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»Space Heating

EagleSun™ Space/DHW Systems are integrated systems capable of zone space heating and providing domestic hot water. AET high performing black chrome collectors heat multiple 120 gallon glass lined storage tanks through a drainback loop during the solar day. This stored energy is then called for by the fan coil unit thermostat and/or the differential control for the DHW storage tank. Backup elements are provided for heavy use or poor weather. For system capacity and sizing in your area, contact AET's Distributor, Yaun Company Inc. .

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