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New Look in Stainless Steel & New CK-63 Control Kit For Oil

Field Controls, The Venting Solutions Company, has refined its patented SWG Power Venter and given it a sleek new look. These stainless Millennium models are available in the 4, 5 and 6 inch sizes (SWG-4s, 5s, & 6s). These new stainless models are ideal for use with oil systems in extremely cold or coastal environments. The new design is stainless, attractive, and technically superior. The units are rated for higher temperature venting up to 650 at the inlet.

The new CK-63 control kit can operate the venter motor and oil burner simultaneously, generating smoother ignition and reducing post purge time and off cycle odors. The CK-63 also eliminates the need for isolation relays on systems with electronic thermostats or electronic primary controls.

Field Controls' SWG utilizes 100% Negative Pressure, pulling the gases through the system and exhausting them outside. The negative pressure will not allow the flue gases to escape into the dwelling. The SWG can be used with virtually any oil or gas appliance and can vent several appliances at once. It is easy to install with the fan, motor and vent hood combined into one complete, compact unit. There are models for residential and commercial applications.

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