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The NEW 12000 Smoke/CO Combo Combination Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarms provide a single installation and
double the protection. Two Deadly Threats
Fire and Carbon Monoxide (CO) represent two of the major threats to the health and lives of homeowners and their families. Fire and smoke are often visible, providing occupants with a warning of their presence. CO on the other hand, issues no warning signs. It is odorless and can build up very slowly over time. Often families become sick without even knowing the cause.

Firex Advantage
Firex ® 12000 combination alarms monitor both smoke and CO emissions. Electrical contractors can easily satisfy most building requirements for fire and CO protection with a single unit, reducing installation costs. Smart Interconnect Wiring allows the Firex
12000 to be connected to additional smoke alarms and CO alarms on a single interconnect wire eliminating the need for additional wiring and providing whole-house protection.

The Choice of Professionals
Firex offers everything professionals demand: quality, reliability, a complete product line, technological innovation, easy installation, user-friendly design, and in-depth product and application knowledge. We’re here to help you get the job done right. That’s the Firex advantage.

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