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Spin-On Filters Most contractors have been using the traditional felt fuel oil cartridges for “ever”. They are tried, true and deliver filtration as expected. However, with the newer blended fuel oil on market, it sounds like keeping a filter clean and the fuel flowing freely is becoming more of a challenge. I often hear comments about the condition of the cartridge when it is replaced and the frequency of replacement. The cartridges may not be able to absorb enough contaminants to last from one annual cleaning to the next. Some European boiler manufactures recommend double filtering. Features of the Gar-Ber™ spin-on filter are not only that the cartridge can be replaced quickly, but the model we stock has a flow restrictor gauge. A quick glance at the gauge will show the performance level of the filter and provide a “heads up” if the filter needs changing or is nearing its capacity. Some contractors are beginning to install one of each type back to back.

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