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Grundfos team of SuperBrutes covers all domestic hydronic applications with only three circulators.

The benefits of this combination are:

Lower inventory – increased profitability
• 3 pumps replace 33 competitor pumps – always have the right circulator
• Extra time for more installations – at a higher profit margin

Easy to install – easy to service
• Quick connect terminals – for easy installation
• Removable check valve – eliminates the need for an in-line flow check

Reliable starts – trouble-free performance
• Patented electronic starting unit provides the highest starting torque of any circulators in its class (UPS15-58 only)
• Ceramic bearings – ensures years of quiet, trouble free operation
• Internal lip seal and filter – keeps debris out of rotor can
• Backed by an industry leading three-year warranty

-The power of flexibility
One of the main features of a SuperBrute is its 3-speed motor. This unique motor advancement, pioneered by Grundfos more than 30 years ago, allows you the ability to adjust the pump speed to fit your specific application. Flexibility to choose your speed gives you the peace of mind that you have the correct pump for the job. The versatility of the SuperBrute not only reduces the number of circulators you have in your truck, but also reduces your installation time and callbacks.

Due to the popularity of the UPS15-58 SuperBrute, Grundfos has designed two new models to expand the 3-speed circulator range. For most hydronic heating applications, the UPS15-58 is the only circulator you will ever need. But, since some situations require unique demands, the UPS26-99 and UPS43-44 were designed to complete the SuperBrute range. Both new pumps contain all of the same features that made the original SuperBrute such a sought-after alternative. Flexibility, ease of installation, and reduced inventory are the benefits that make the SuperBrute team the new standard in circulators.

> GRSUPS1558FC: Fits most standard hydronic applications
> GRSUPS2699: For applications requiring higher head
> UPS 43-44: For applications requiring lower head with higher flow.

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