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Replacing a hot surface ignitor is not always an easy job. Furnace designs and specifications are different from brand to brand and you never know if you have the correct replacement part to complete the job. HONEYWELL has the solution to this problem with the GLOWFLY hot surface ignitor. It offers the latest technology, true “universal” installation and OEM (original equipment manufacturer) quality. The ignitor is made from silicon nitride and is far more durable than original equipment ignitors, making it less prone to breaking when installed in “challenging” applications. It comes with the strongest warranty (3 years) in the industry. The GLOWFLY has been designed for service replacement jobs. It comes with 6 custom designed brackets that can replace over 110 ignitor applications without modification. The GLOWFLY package has “match and mount” simplicity: simply remove the old ignitor and compare it to diagrams on the package to select the correct mounting bracket for the job. Hot surface ignitor replacement jobs have now become much quicker and easier with the GLOWFLY universal ignitor form HONEYWELL

  • The toughest technology: Silicon Nitride - This second-generation material is far more durable, making it less prone to breakage when used in challenging installs.
  • Easier fit. Faster job. - The Glowfly's optimized form factor enables quicker, easier service calls. Glowfly has specifically been designed for service replacement jobs.
  • Next-generation OEM silicon nitride quality for any installation - Glowfly brings the latest technology and OEM quality to even the oldest furnaces.
  • Custom designed bracketing - With six custom designed brackets and their seven configurations, Glowfly fits most replacement igniter applications.
  • Match and mount simplicity - Simply remove the old igniter and compare it with the diagrams on Glowfly's unique packaging guide to determine the correct mounting bracket for the job.
  • Available as single units or in convenient six-packs - Never be caught unprepared with Glowfly's unique truck-ready 6 pack.

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