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INSUL-TARP: technical data

Materials & Construction
Cross woven polyethylene with 3mil aluminum and polyethylene closed-cell foam core.

Performance Characteristics
Temperature Range   -60° to 180° F
Fire Rating   Up to Class A-1
Reflectivity   Up to 97%
Perm Rate   0.002
Shrinkage   None
Flame Spread   10 when applied
Smoke Development   15 when applied
Tensile Strength   45.0 lbs/in.
Bursting Strength   90 psi
Puncture Resistance   66 lbs per

Thickness: 3/8" and 1/2"
Normal Weight: 15 lbs. / 150 sq. ft.
6x25: estimated 132 sf coverage per roll
6x50: estimated 272 sf coverage per roll
12x50: estimated 568 sf coverage per roll

Architectural & Engineering Specification
Insul-Tarp may be specified in construction specifications using the following division according to the Master Specification format.

Division 7 - Thermal Moisture Protection

Section 07210 - Building Insulation

Section 07240 - Exterior Insulation and Finished Systems

INSUL-TARP: applications

Insul-tarp can be used in a variety of applications including:

• residential radiant heat
• commercial
• agricultural
• industrial
• post frame metal buildings
• geothermal
• underslab and foundation
• crawl spaces
• wrapping sewer lines


Insul-Tarp™ in sidewalk snow melt

Insul Tarp™ for sidewalk snow melt

Insul Tarp™ being installed in Bronx Zoo to heat floor of Siberian Tiger cage

insul-tarp | FBBF Wrap