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reflective insulation

Space-Age FBBF reflective foil insulation consists of two layers of polyethylene bubble film sandwiched between two layers of 99.9% pure aluminum foil, making a structure 5/16-inch thick. Depending upon the application, ASTRO-FOIL can outperform 6" of mass insulation in all climates. Even higher performance can be expected in hot, humid climates. SPACE-AGE FBBF is excellent as a primary insulation for buildings of all types. Preferred by installers and building owners because it is safe to handle, lightweight and works especially well in limited space. There are numerous applications for residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural buildings, and under floor radiant heat. Standard roll size: 16" x 50' & 24" x 50', other sizes available.

Heating & air conditioning ducts Installation guidelines
1) Wrap ducts with 48", wide SPACE-AGE FBBF.
Tape edges and corners with SPACE-AGE FBBF tape to hold it securely in place and to create perfect vapor barrier.

2) For extra efficiency band the duct with 2" wide strips of SPACE-AGE FBBF spaced 24" apart and hold in place with foil tape. The additional airspace between the duct and the ASTRO-FOIL will increase resistance to heat loss or gain.  Works great with round duct pipes, too! Where access allows you may choose to spiral-wrap the duct pipe.

More efficient, safer to use and easier to install than regular bulk mineral fiber or foamboard insulation for pre-engineered metal and post-frame buildings.

SPACE-AGE FBBF is a revolutionary type of industrial, commercial and general purpose insulation incorporating state-of-the-art technology in design and manufacture. It includes a building code approved vapor barrier, air infiltration barrier and powerful insulation all in one.  Its unique composite design consists of layers of polyethylene air bubble pockets, surrounded by a thin layer of reflective aluminum foil that is inorganic, water-resistant, puncture-resistant, termite and fungus resistant, non-allergenic and inhospitable to nesting rodents. SPACE-AGE FBBF is easy to install—it’s thin, pliable, lightweight design is especially suited for pre-engineered and post-frame buildings. SPACE-AGE FBBF offers increased energy efficiency over traditional insulation products. And it’s safe... there are no protective masks, gloves or safety glasses required. Standard 4’and 6’ wide rolls can be easily trimmed with a utility knife or pair of scissors to fit any application. SPACE-AGE FBBF’s lightweight design makes it easy on your building’s design load.

Item Code: 1NSFBBF48 48" x 125' Rolls

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