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Allanson Transformer-Ignitor Tester
Check you transfomer under load.
Reduce the number of misdiagnosed trouble calls by 25%


Finally, a fast, portable, dependable way to instantly test transformers and electronic ignitors!

Chek-Mate™! by Allanson is easy to use and makes service calls a breeze. Simply touch the high voltage spheres to the high voltage contacts of any brand of transformer or ignitor and the green LED lights up if the unit is good.

How many times have you misdiagnosed an intermittant oil burner problem because you did not check the Ignition transformer under load. It's easy to forget that just because a spark exists (with the old screwdriver test) that the spark characteristics are different under load. This inexpensive tester checks it all and tells if the transformer or ignitor is go or no-go. Don't be a parts changer that costs your customer money with expensive recalls know what the problem is and fix it.

Lightweight, compact and durable, Chek-Mate™is also very affordable.
Catalog # FRASC2100. Safe, reliable testing from the people who bring you dependable power.

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