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20-Year Heat Exchanger Warranty
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Gas Efficiency: 80%

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RGLR Series
Rheem Prestige Series Super Quiet 80 2-Stage Downflow with ECM Motor

A Furnace That "Grows" To Meet Your Comfort Needs
The Rheem Prestige Series Super Quiet 80 Gas Furnace has two stages of heating to save energy and keep your home at its comfortable best. Most furnaces
are either off or on at 100% capacity, no matter what your heating comfort needs may be. The Rheem Prestige Series Super Quiet 80, however, operates at 70% and 100% capacity. Most of the time, this furnace operates in its energy-saving low-heat stage to deliver a gentle and steady flow of heating comfort. On the coldest days, when you need more heat, the furnace automatically switches to the high-heat stage to deliver the maximum heating comfort. The temperature of your home stays at the comfort level you select – wherever you set the thermostat.

Is It On?
Thanks to two-stage operation and the advanced ECM motor, the Rheem Prestige Series Super Quiet 80 is quieter than conventional single-stage furnaces.
In comparison tests, the ECM motor was two to ten decibels of sound level more quiet than a conventional furnace motor – even at high speed.
Plus the ECM motor has a special “soft start” and soft stop feature so that every move from stage to stage or from cycle to cycle is virtually unnoticeable! Also, To help improve the sound quality of the Rheem Super Quiet 80 line of furnaces,we re-engineered the door and top-plate to provide a sound barrier between the furnace’s operation and your home.

Advanced Motor Technology
By now you’ve probably read about the GE ECM motor and wondered, “how is this an advantage for me?” To begin with, the ECM motor eliminates temperature swings in your home by using a continuous blower setting. Typical gas furnaces use only one heating speed – which is like having only one speed for your car! The ECM motor is also 20% to 30% more efficient than standard blower motors. Using only 50 to 75 watts during constant fan mode, the system circulates air throughout your home, providing total home comfort for pennies a day. And because the ECM motor slowly ramps its speed up, the noisy start-up produced by other blower systems is eliminated.

Rheem manufactures the most comprehensive, feature-loaded furnace line-up in the heating industry. At the top of this furnace line-up is the Rheem Prestige Series 90 Plus Modulating Gas Furnace with Contour Comfort Control- North America's first truly modulating gas furnace.