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Samsung High Wall Inverter Drive Heat Pump Ductless Mini Split

The AQB 9,000 20 SEER to 24,000 15.5 SEER Btu/h Mini Split Heat Pumps from Samsung provide high efficiency cooling and heating performance with unparalleled Indoor Air Quality features and environmentally friendly refrigerant, R410A. At the heart of the Samsung System is the
Samsung Smart Inverter Technology
The Samsung Smart Inverter is the exclusive Samsung DC drive rotary compressor. This DC driven compressor features the ability to vary the compressor output to match the capacity required inside the room or zone, based upon the indoor temperature, the requested set point and the outdoor ambient. This technology provides for a faster response to reach the required temperature, and also better maintains the required temperature, this is because the compressor can provide a greater capacity on initial startup, and then reduce the capacity as the unit reaches the set point to match the building load, rather than turning off as would a system with a standard compressor.

Another benefit of the Samsung Smart Inverter technology is the energy savings for the system, as the compressor operates at a reduced capacity the Coefficient of Performance or COP is greatly increased. The 9 and 12,000 Btu/h units are Energy Star approved as Energy Efficient devices.

Samsung is also aware that one of the major objections air conditioning is the noise of both the Indoor and Outdoor units, as nothing intrudes on the peace of a summer’s evening as the roar of an air conditioner, so the Smart Inverter is designed to be one of the quietest units on the market.

Environmentally Friendly
The Samsung AQB series of units use the latest in non ozone depleting refrigerant technology R410A, the refrigerant of choice. With all these features on the Outdoor unit, the Indoor unit is designed to make the indoor environment as clean and healthy as possible.
Silver Nano Indoor Air Technology
To improve Indoor Air Quality Samsung uses Silver Nano Technology where the filter and evaporator coil are coated in a silver based anti bacterial product.

The Silver Nano coating attacks any harmful bacteria, viruses and other organisms that comes into contact with it. The coating works on a cellular level to dissolve the cell wall of the particle, which prevents the respiration of the bacteria, etc killing up to 99.9%. When combined with the Electro Static and De-odorizing filters included with the unit the indoor air inside the room is kept clean and healthy for all occupants. The Silver Nano coating is a permanent coating and does not require replacement of the filter, simply washing the filters in warm soapy water will clean and regenerate the bacteria killing coating. The Electro Static and De-odorizing filters need to be replaced every two months (more frequently in areas of heavy tobacco use and per occupancy).

Samsung AQ Brochure (1Meg)PDF

Samsung AQ Submittal (55k)PDF

Samsung 09 & 12Mbtu AQ Installation Instructions (485k)PDF

Samsung 18 & 24Mbtu AQ Installation Instructions (485k)PDF

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