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Klenk Tools KDS-2000 Duct Slicer


NEW! KDS-2000 Klenk® Duct Slicer

STOP breaking your screwdriver! The New Klenk KDS 2000 slices safely through metal duct and works great for take-offs.  Can also be used as a pry bar or regular screwdriver. This model replaces the KDS-2000 Duct Slicer.

  Model No. 73010, KDS-2000 -- 12" long Klenk Duct Slicer 2000.
  • New Bevel on Tip for easier and more accurate piercing of sheet metal.
  • Improved heat-treated steel shaft for durability and longer-lasting edge on tip.
  • Ergonomic handle which is a contoured and rubberized grip for a more secure grip.
  • Shock-absorbing handle.  Re-engineered internal structure strengthens handle and absorbs shock when the tool is struck, decreasing hand fatigue.

KDS-3000 Duct SlicerKDS-3000 Duct Slicer