Sun-temp Baseboard

As you might know, we have been a distributor for Sun-temp Baseboard for "ever". But those few of you who are not currently buying this baseboard may have forgotten the many features that make this baseboard exceptional. The following is a list of those features that have made Sun-temp a favorite of so many contractors………
o Available in 2' - 14' lengths making it easier to run wall to wall lengths without splicing pieces together.
o Satin-white baked enamel finish. Easy to clean surface, rounded edges make for easy cleaning as well. Surface will accept paint if homeowner decides to paint it. Front outlet prevents wall streaking.
o Front panel has rolled edges which adds strength to the metal for better product integrity.
o Back panel extends all the way to the floor ensuring you have proper clearance for convection. This also eliminates an area where dust and dirt can accumulate.
o The damper is designed to stay in position, whether open, closed, or somewhere in between.
o Support brackets can be moved within the back plate to facilitate lining them up with wall studs for sturdier installation.
o The element tube is mechanically expanded onto the fins assuring a tight fit between fin and cooper tube for efficient heat transfer. Contractor can cut the element and not worry about the fins falling off. The serrated fin design increases fin surface for higher heating capacity. The 700A is rated at 590 BTU per foot and the 800A at 850 BTU's. These ratings can be as much as 10% higher than our competition allowing for fewer feet of baseboard to be used on a job, thus reducing the overall cost of the job.
o Element is also a BOX Fin design - no sharp edges on the outside of the element. This allows for safer handling of the element during installation.
o "Slide shoes" are provided which are easily attached to the element wherever needed. These "shoes" eliminate expansion noise as that element moves within the cover during heat up and cool down. They also isolate the element from coming into contact with the front and back covers, and the support brackets.
o Splicer plates are supplied with 5', 6', and 8' lengths. While not a huge cost, these do add to the price of the competitor's baseboard when figuring a complete job.
o Accessories snap in tightly to ensure years of good looks and product integrity. Front panel locks onto the support brackets by means of a positive latch ensuring that the cover stays in place.
o Plenty of room for a return line to bring hot water back to the boiler. Located on top rear of element bracket, hidden from view where it does not interfere with output.
If you're currently using another brand, get on "board" and try Sun-temp. You'll like it!

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