Viega Pexcel System

Imagine the satisfaction of installing a complete water system that is hygienically superior, fast and leak free. No need to drain the system and resolder when that troublesome leak appears, or clamp that "other" pex system when no clamps should be needed. If you haven't started using the Viega system yet, ask your area representative to give you a demonstration. You and your employees' time are too valuable to be concerned that the system may not hold water when you're finished. If your taking the time to use a heat gun who's paying for that? The Pexcel Pureflow Water piping is proven resistant to aggressive water, and its black color is not only UV resistant but since it blocks light; it eliminates the possibility of algae growth. With stainless steel press sleeves the end result is an attractive reliable system. Since Viega offers a 25-year warranty on its tubing and 10 years on its fittings, it's good business sense to have this kind of insurance behind every Viega Pexcel System