Dusk-To-Dawn Security Lights

“Dusk-to-Dawn” security lighting has long been a staple of electrical sales for Yaun Co. and our customers. We have been distributors of the American Electric Ltg. Brand of these fixtures for many years. The “dusk-to-dawn” fixtures are manufactured in two HID lamp types: mercury vapor and high pressure sodium. These are produced based on customer preference for the type of light produced by the fixtures: mercury vapor gives off a bright, white light and high pressure sodium produces the softer yellow light. The standard in the “dusk-to-dawn” industry is the 175 watt mercury vapor model. These are seen in many backyards across the Yaun Co. trading territory. Over the years, we have added a 250 watt model to our stock as well. Customers have requested that Yaun Co stock the high pressure sodium fixtures as an alternative to the mercury vapor models. So we have taken on these on also in 70, 100 and 150 watt models. The American Electric fixtures offer a 24” mounting arm where much of the competition has just an 18” arm. The fixture head is made from die-cast aluminum and the reflector/refractor do not require tools to install. All fixture components are packaged in a single carton; fixture, 24” arm, lamp, photocell, 5 ft. wire leads, and mounting hardware. The next time your customer asks for a “dusk-to-dawn” security light, give American Electric and Yaun Co a try. We’ve both been around for a long time, manufacturing and distributing quality lighting products.