Beckett Name on
Honeywell R7184 Series Controls


There are exciting changes happening at Beckett.
As part of Beckett's new emphasis on higher performance components, the Beckett Name will be put on Honeywell R7184 Series Controls.
With interrupted ignition, limited reset and recycle, and optional features like pre- and post- purge, this control offers a great deal of value to you and to our mutual customers at the contractor level. Becket will be promoting this control, with the Beckett name, heavily through our trade advertising and via our field sales professional.
The name change will coincide with a "Series 3" revision to the control. In addition to the "Beckett" name, these controls will be equipped with:
· Larger T-T terminals
· A more robust case
· Direct wiring (no spade terminals)
In addition, all Beckett labeled controls will come with a three year warranty. Beckett will also be offering service and training directly to contractors.
This will be a "running" change. Beckett part number will be the same. However, the Honeywell number appearing on the label will differ slightly, as shown on the table below:
Label now on Label on new
Beckett Part # Honeywell R7184 Beckett R7184
7455U A1000 A-1075
7456U B-1016 B-1032
7457U P-1031 P-1054
7458U P-1049 P-1072