Relay in a Box

New Products by Functional Devices,

With the advent of the miniaturization of systems and controls, we are pleased to announce that The Yaun Company is now stocking relays that are small, quiet and nearly indestructible. These relays, manufactured by Functional Devices, are multivoltage switching relays, which can be powered by multiple voltages on the coil side, eliminating the necessity of carrying multiple relays. The relays are available in pilot or power duty. These relays are known as RIB relays, the acronym meaning Relay In a Box. The relays are enclosed, box mounted (through a 1/2 knockout) and silent. No more customer complaints about loud clicking noises!!! Also available from Functional Devices: Current Sensing Relays, Optoisolated relays, Polarized Relays, Dry Contact Input Relays, Contactors (fully enclosed), Enclosures, Power Supplies and Transformers.