Field UV Aire


Field UV-AIRE Purification System Some indoor air now has high concentration of biological contaminants. With tighter building construction in recent years the quality of indoor air has declined dramatically. The air circulating in the ductwork of the average home or office can be concentrated with contaminants including molds, bacteria, and viruses. We fill our lungs up to 20,000 times each day. Over time, these contaminants can cause inflammation of the mucous membrane, upper respiratory problems, asthmatic conditions, headaches and flu-like symptoms.

Filtering systems offer little or no help because these airborne contaminants either pass through the filter or simply collect on the filter medium, creating a breeding ground. Now with the UV-AIRE Air purifying system, a solution is available to directly address the problems associated with poor indoor air quality.

How the UV-AIRE works: UV-AIRE uses the energy from a specially designed high intensity UVC lamp to reduce microorganisms in the entire home as they cycle through the HVAC system. Mounted inside the ductwork, the UV-AIRE kills most contaminants as they pass the lamp. The process requires very little maintenance and costs just pennies a day to operate. The UV-AIRE could be one of the best health and comfort investments a homeowner ever makes. Ask your salesman for more information on the UV-AIRE for duct and portable models.

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