New HVAC Items



Finally a product that simplifies the repair of burned or damaged spade terminals when reconnecting or replacing a compressor. Thermo- Lok fits both non-burned and burned terminals and connects to the compressor via precision brass cylinders that fits over the terminals and connects with stainless steel set screws. Wires are permanently attached. Standard factory 600v 65 strand machine wire. Easy to install and guaranteed for the life of the compressor.

Self Rinse Coil Cleaner

Diversitech 8-G coil cleaner is a self-rinse concentrate evaporator coil cleaner. To use:
Ask for D1V8G.
New Smoke Pipe Sealant Tape Venture Tape Corp. is pleased to announce the new product: 3243 High Temperature Foil tape. Venture 3243 is a 2-mil, dead soft aluminum foil tape with high performance acrylic adhesive specifically designed for extreme temperature environments. Rated to 450ºF, Venture 3243 provides the HVAC industry with a safe, reliable option for high temperature conditions encountered with flue pipes, plenums, vents, and stove pipes as well as other demanding applications. Venture 3243 is in stock with the standard roll size is 3” x 50 yards. Ask for VEN3243.

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