13 Seer is Here

The January 26th date for manufacturers to end production of 10 Seer equipment has now past. We are quickly seeing inventory of the 10 Seer equipment being depleted. Installers are starting to get over the sticker shock of higher priced 13 Seer units. Many are starting to understand that when there is a condenser failure, the change out of the outside unit will now also require upgrading the indoor coil to match the outdoor condenser. The new 13 Seer units from brand A-Z have all changed to a larger size both indoor and outside.

The Ruud models have kept the same foot print size and only gained a few inches on the height making them the lowest profile units in the industry. The indoor air handlers have also gained a few inches in length. The transition from 10 to 13 Seer has not been easy for anyone. The factories have struggled to design the best products while trying to keep the size and price down.

We are very fortunate with Ruud’s large lineup of products. The UAND which is the new 13 Seer, the UAPC 14 Seer, UARL 16 Seer (single stage compressor) are all using R22 Freon. The new units using R410A Freon will be the UANL 13 Seer, UAPL 14 Seer, UARL 16 Seer (two stage compressor), UASL 18 Seer. To reach the 13 Seer requirement the indoor coils will all use expansion valves. The air handlers also went through some changes. The most drastic is the need for larger indoor coils causing the air handlers to become longer.

Yaun Company will be offering good, better, and best lines of air handlers. The Aspen FMB will start off this line up as your basic model with a strong metal jack. We stock both the Aspen FMB cooling only and the FMW which has both a cooling coil and hydronic hot water heat coil. Both Aspen models are multi-position air handlers. The UHSA air handler will be a one piece cabinet with a PSC motor. Ruud’s top of the line UBHK is a two piece cabinet and uses a quiet, efficient ECM technology providing nominal airflow to 1” external static pressure. Using the Best UBHK will in most cases get you higher than 13 Seer using this air handler.

Yaun Company will also be stocking the very competitive Weather King condensing units from Ruud, for the jobs you just want to use a good basic unit. Put the Weather King condenser with the Aspen air handler and you will have a very competitively priced quality system to offer your customers.