JB625 DIRECT BURIAL CABLE FOR TIME WARNER Yaun Co. has been stocking and selling direct burial cable, as specified by Time Warner Cable systems, for installations where contractors are asked to supply the television line to the house. We have stocked the JB625 for runs up to 600-700ft. and the JB750 for longer runs.

Contractors have questioned the need for the different sizes of this cable so we contacted the local Time Warner Cable service office for clarification on this issue. We were notified that the JB625 is indeed acceptable for the longer runs of cable. However,

Time Warner may need to install amplifying equipment approximately halfway into the run so their signal will be sufficient to the house. For this reason, it is important that Time Warner is contacted so they can layout the cable run and decide if amplifying equipment is indeed necessary. Doing this prior to cable installation may prevent delay in the cable hookup, or worse, re-installing the cable to Time Warner requirements. Yaun Co. will be stocking only the JB625 cable for Time Warner Cable systems from this point on. Contact your local salesman for information on this wire.

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