Peerless Series DE Vent Pipe Changes for Category III (Direct Exhaust) Applications

Recently the International Approval Services (IAS) with-drew the use of galvanized steel vent pipe for Category III gas appliances. Previously IAS allowed the use of this type of vent pipe for horizontal runs up to five feet.
The Series DE boiler is affected by this change. TO conform to the change, Peerless recommends the use of AL29-4C vent pipe for all direct exhaust applications (Category III) for the Series DE boiler. Series DE boilers installed with chimney venting (Category I) are not affected by this change.

The Series DE manual has been changed.
Peerless recommends that use of AL29-4C stainless steel venting components for all its direct exhaust and direct vent gas boilers. This includes the Series DE, Series PDE and the new Series PSC. Galvanized vent pipe is not to be used for any Peerless direct exhaust or direct vent Category III gas boiler.