Habitat for Humanity Walk - a -Thon

by Peggy Richardson 

The Liberty Habitat House property has secured the building and driveway permits and the engineer will stake out where the foundation should be dug. Soon you will be able to volunteer to swing your hammers! Dave Kawauchi, Larry Richardson and I will be walkers for HFH in a 5-mile walk at Beach Lake, Pa Sunday, Oct. 16th. We need sponsors to pledge money/mile. Would you please call in your pledge? Last year the HFH walkers raised $600.00. Let me know if you would like to join us. We may need help getting Larry through that last mile! Meanwhile, please remember to drop off your printer’s dead ink cartridges at the Liberty office. We are sending them out for recycling in plastic mailers and HFH receives about a dollar for each cartridge. Yaun Company is proud to be a supporting sponsor of this worthy organization. Please call Peggy at the Liberty office for more information or (845) 791-8305.

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