OSAKI Metering Systems Available to Yaun Company

Yaun Company recently began dealing with Osaki Meter Sales, Inc. Manufacturers of complete metering systems. One of our customers requested a way to measure electric usage through a subfed panel. The job dealt with a newly renovated apartment on the second story of a two-story house. The apartment owner wanted to be able to bill the tenants for their electricity usage as accurately as possible.
We contacted Osaki Meter Sales, based in Terrell, Texas, regarding their metering products. Their meters have features that are demanded by the nation's leading architects, consult-ing engineers, builders and electricians. Osaki meters come as a complete metering system, including: meter itself, enclosure, CT's, fuses, and sealing devices. Product features include; easy to read digital dial; ease of installations; versatile indoor or outdoor capability; meets or exceeds ANSIC 12 standards; meets UL1244 specification; and comes with a 25 year war-ranty.
For our customer's situation, the 7124S model was recom-mended. This meter system is used on all 120/240v single-phase 3-wire applications. The 7124S system costs $180.00 and is available within 1 week by UPS. The following wiring schematic shows how the meter system is installed.

ETL LISTED for submetering applications
1. Wires are crossed through the CT, each entering from the opposite direction.
2. Rotation of disc is left-to-right when facing the meter. To "correct" disc rotation, reverse leads from the CT at meter terminals.
3. The CT dot will not be considered when using this hook-up. Phasing of meter is accomplished through disc rotation in-spection. (see above Note 2.)
CT Type Multiplier
200:5 =1
400:5 =2
600:5 =3
Osaki Meter Sales Inc. has meters that cover practically all submeter needs including single and three phase applications (120v up to 277/489v) as well as demand meter systems.
Yaun Company tries to meet our customers' needs. If we don't have it, we will try to get it for you.