Dornback: The World’s Most Efficient Oil Furnace

Dornback Furnace offers what no other manufacturer can, a 95% efficient condensing oil fired furnace in a wide range and configurations. These energy saves are available from 50,000 through 250,000 BTU you can choose from highboy, lowboy, horizontal and counterflow models to fit any job. CSA Design certified for U.S.A. & Canada. Completely assembled, factory tested furnace, for heating or combination heating/ cooling application. All models can be vertically or horizontally vented with 3” PVC pipe. Expensive double wall stainless venting is not required. Stainless steel heat exchanger with molded, pyro-ceramic combustion chamber designed to heat up instantly on fire-up. This furnace is available with two choices of burners, the Interburner oil burner with exclusive “turbo reversed air” or the Becket NX burner which many contractors have been trained and have been use to working on. This furnace has been on the market and in the field for a number of years. This furnace does have an improved heat exchanger which has a clean-out cover on the secondary heat exchanger which is not used for normal cleaning, the secondary heat exchanger gets cleaned by the condensation as it drains out. This clean-out is only there in the event something causes the burner to burn very sooty which would cause the secondary heat exchanger to start to plug, the older models could not be cleaned. This furnace like any of the other high efficiency furnaces and boilers require that you set up and adjust the burners using the proper tools and test equipment. The days of checking draft with a match are over. For more information and literature contact your salesman or the inside sales office. If you would like to attend a meeting covering the furnace, installation and service tips, contact Peggy in our Liberty office and we will set up future schools.