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Hallowell Link Page

Hallowell closed its doors in 2011. Since then there has been an interest in parts, components and New Old Stock units due to the fact that this line of Heat Pumps continues to be the most efficient Heat Pump that has been made for commercial sales. Yaun Company has several New Old Stock condensing units and air handlers available. The Pricing on these units is very advantageous deals can be made to keep your Hallowell Heat Pump going for severalmore years.
If you are interested in Hallowell parts or units please contact Burt at the Liberty office for quotes. Phone (845-292-6400)

Furnace Compare

Furnace Compare offers a page on Hallowell Heat Pumps anddealers who service the Acadia H.P. Throughout the United StatesFurnace Compare web site

History of “”: This organization was created as an outgrowth of a Google Group - Hallowell Acadia - formed to help people cope with the service issues and company demise which left many people stranded and at a loss for who to turn to for Web Site
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