Shortage of Hercules Cryo-Tek

Yaun Company received the following notice from OATEYSCS. Propylene Glycol (PG), a petroleum derived material, is the major component of Hercules Cryo-tek Anti-Freeze. It is also used in other industries such as food processing garment manufacturing, and as a source material for other petrochemicals. Demand for PG has been growing in all industries it is sold to, including our industry. As this demand increase was occurring, there was no capacity added. As demand grew, allocations began from the suppliers of PG, but there was enough available on the spot market to satisfy demand (our recent price increase was a result of this). Recently this changed as the spot market dried up. This left users of PG with shortages as allocations were reduced below last years level. This is a worldwide shortage and will ultimately affect all anti-freeze producers worldwide. Oatey will discontinue the production of Cyro-tek AG until further notice. Cyro-Tek100 and Standard Cryo-Tek will continue to be produced. Hercules will not compromise the integrity of the product by "filling in" with recycled material. During this period of short supply we encourage you to test existing hydronic systems with our test kit. In some cases, the PH level is low and inhibitor is needed while, the level of freeze protection is still more than adequate, negating the need to add more antifreeze.