Honeywell's "Diagnostick" for Quick Oil Burner Diagnosis

Honeywell Products introduces a quick and easy way to find out if a cad-cell replacement or temperature adjustments have to be made on Honeywell burner and boiler controls. The "DIAGNOSTICK" (#QS7100D1003) is a pocket-sized device that plugs into the R7184 primary control and the L7224 aquastat to monitor flame or temperature readings during the run cycle without having to use wiring-in meters. It will accurately diagnose and display burner/boiler control status in 8-10 seconds. The "DIAGNOSTICK" plugs into the data ports on the controls to give quick and accurate readings of: - Cad cell OHMS value - Well temperature - Line voltage. So, all of you heating contractors - keep a "DIAGNOSTICK" tester in your pocket for fast and accurate burner control readings. Yaun Co. is stocking these handy devices. Ask your local salesman for one!