Grounding a Must !

The use of plastic tubing for domestic water supplies is ever increasing. However, the use of plastic piping necessitates more than ever the proper grounding of installed appliances. If for instance a water heater is not properly grounded, the protection afforded by the anode rod will be lost. In addition and more serious is the fact that the potential for a hazardous shock exists. In the case of the anode rod, it now becomes the water heater and the water heater becomes the anode. In so doing, the tank gives itself up to the anode and premature failure will occur. The most vulnerable areas are around the tank studs. Rapid deterioration may occur with visible signs such as rusty water or a leaking tank. The warranty does not cover this type of failure. Examination of the anode rod may show telltale signs such as dark brown spots and lack of pitting. Protect your customer and protect yourself.