How many times have your customers complained that they forgot to plug in their roof de-icer kits and now they have icicles hanging from their eaves and water backing up into their ceilings? Or, how about the complaint that customers left their roof de-icer kits on all winter and now are stuck with a high utility bill? EASY HEAT, with the “Roof Sentry” automatic controller, has the answer to these problems. The RS-2 controller takes the de-icing responsibility out of the hands of the homeowner by automatically energizing the de-icer kits as needed. Two conditions must be present before the RS-2 turns on the de-icer cable: cold temperatures (38 degrees F or lower) and run-off water coming into contact with the RS-2 sensor cable. If either condition is NOT present, the controller will not power the de-icer kit. So, the de-icing cables are turned ON when the possibility of ice build-up is there and OFF when de-icing is not necessary. EASY HEAT’s RS-2 ‘Roof Sentry” automatic controller takes the worry out of de-icing. Using the RS-2 with EASY HEAT’s ADKS line of roof de-icer kits will keep your customers’ roofs free of ice and water build-up and keep their COSTS down!