Ruud Furnaces Excel

Ruud's award winning furnaces are something to talk about, having won awards the last two years. You can offer your customer a wide range of comfort level and save them a lot on fuel costs. The standard 90 plus has been a real work horse, very reliable and trouble free. To compliment this fine line the Achiever 90+ with dual comfort controls utilizes two heating levels to keep your home comfortable. Most of the time the furnace operates in the energy saving "low-heat" mode, which delivers a gentle and steady flow of heating comfort. The 90+ Modulating gas furnace, known as the furnace with the brain, is the only truly modulating gas furnace on the market. What does that mean for your customer's home? Well, conventional furnaces are either on or off at full capacity. The Achiever 90+ with the contour comfort control, on the other hand, modulates its output based on the temperature setting of the thermostat. This means the furnace is seldom off and seldom on at full capacity. Instead the home is blanketed in a consistent and comfortably warm environment without the hot and cold spots produced by typical gas furnaces. This furnace will modulate from 40% to 100% capacity at the proper firing rate to match the BTU loss using just the right amount of heat. You can now sell your customer the best there is in the industry.