Skuttle Improvements

Skuttle has added a summer shutoff damper to its popular Side Entry Bypass Flow-Thru Humidifiers (Models 2000 and 2001). This product upgrade provides multiple benefits to contractors and homeowners alike, but does not alter the sale price of the humidifiers. The damper is designed to reduce the bypass of air through the humidifier during the summer months, allowing the air conditioner to run more efficiently and economically. The homeowner merely needs to turn the knob on the bypass collar to "summer" or "winter," depending upon the season. Other than restraining air flow during cooling, or limiting humidifier efficiency in winter, no harm is done if the homeowner fails to open or close the damper at the appropriate times. From a contractor's perspective, the reversible summer shutoff damper is faster and easier to install than the previous metal shutoff, making Skuttle bypass flow-thrus ideal for many home humidifying applications. The summer shutoff damper comes standard on Skuttle's two bypass flow-thrus. It also is available as a separate assembly (part no. A00-1730-124) for installation on previously manufactured 2000s and 2001s. Call Skuttle at 888-SKUTTLE (758)-8856 for details or ask your Yaun Company salesman.