Broan ROOM-T0-ROOM FANS Help Solid Fuel Heating

Due to the dramatic increase in the cost of heating fuels (oil, gas and natural gas), Yaun Co has seen the return of solid fuel heating appliances in the marketplace. Many homeowners are installing (or refiring) wood and pellet burning stoves to supplement their heating needs and cut the cost of fossil fuels. BROAN “Room to Room” fans can help with the distribution of the heat generated by these stoves. Since most of these stoves are not connected to a central ductwork system, much of the heat stays in the room where it is produced. The “Room to Room” fans can help circulate this heat to other rooms. The fan housing mounts in interior walls (from 3” to 5 ˝” thick) between rooms and has two polymeric grilles that face into each room. A built-in variable speed control determines the amount of heat flowing from “room-to-room”. This way, heat can be spread to rooms other than the room with the stove in it. Yaun Co. is stocking two of these “Room to Room” fans. The model #510 is a 10” fan with a 380 CFM fan and the #511 is an 8” fan with a 180 CFM motor. Both fans are fairly quiet with the #510 having a 6.5 sones rating and the #511 rated at 3.5 sones. Here’s a way to get into part of the solid fuel market that is making such a strong comeback this year due to the high costs of fossil fuels. Help your customers save on their fuel bills! Visit our Affiliate Contractors-Workshop to purchase one today Buy Here