Fluorescent lighting fixture manufacturers have started producing fixtures without the standard magnetic (energy-saving) ballasts and are replacing these with electronic ballasts that are more efficient and less noisy. Mercury Lighting Products, Yaun Company’s main supplier of fluorescent fixtures, has announced that the “old standby” 2x4 drop-in fixtures (for t-bar ceiling and recessed applications) will be coming through with electronic ballasts. The new mod e l numbe rs wil l b e : MLP35E2320CT9AELB for the 2-lamp fixture and MLP35E4320CT9AELB for the 4-lamp fixture. The fixtures will have the same prismatic lens as before How does this affect our electrical customers? The biggest change involves the lamps that are used with these fixtures. The “old standby” fixtures used the F40CW lamps where the new fixtures require the F32T8 bulbs. When customers call in to order these new fixtures, the new lamps will automatically show on our order-taker’s screen as a reminder to send the correct ones. Yaun Co. now has the electronic ballast fixtures in stock so on your next order for 2x4 drop-ins you will be receiving the new fixtures.