Legionaries Outbreak

We havenít heard much about Legionaries Disease lately and thatís a good thing. However I thought it could be helpful to relay some information that came out of a conversation I had recently with a representative of the Wyckomar Purification Company. I was shown copies of several CBC NEWS articles relating to a disease outbreak that occurred in Toronto in October 2005. More than 100 cases were identified and more than 20 deaths occurred. The cause of the outbreak was traced to contaminated water in cooling towers at a home for the aged. A particularly disturbing fact is that several of the stricken people did not live or work in the facility but rather lived or worked near by. At one point a $600 million law suit was initiated. A point to learn from this tragic incident is that similar installations could be breeding grounds for Legionaries Disease. If you are involved with installing or maintaining cooling towers, you may want to talk to us about installing ultraviolet purifying equipment to safeguard the health of those in and around such a facility.