New Computer for the New Year

On the week of January 30th, Yaun Company will begin implementation of its new computer system from DDi. We are excited because it will bring new capabilities of service to the Yaun Company customer base as well as give better inventory control and access to stock information to all employees of the Company. Yaun Company has been computerized since 1976 and during that time has used variations of the same system. The new system will be a windows based database that has many features that the old system could not offer. Automatic pricing, web order entry, web access to literature, product specifications, and account status will be done automatically on customer request. There will be Fax or E-Mail acknowledgements of orders, invoices, and statements. For customers with E-Accounts, you can review order status, statement and invoices on line. In terms of customer service, automatic follow-up of back ordered items and automatic expediting are provided as an integral part of the new customer order system.

For those of our customers who have done business with us over a few years know that one of the weak\par points of the old system was handling of special orders and tag and holds. The DDi system allows for a\par pro-active tag and hold and built in reminders for follow-up. Our fabrication shop will be integrated into the new system.


Most offices have file cabinets, however, we will be giving up ours for 2006. Receiving slips and invoices will be digitized and our drivers will obtain signatures via data capture devices. The customer will get a copy of the sales order but all other paperwork will be eliminated. Images of signatures will be stored and combined with order images and then made available for reprinting from our data files. Copies of packing lists will be scanned and matched with scanned copies of invoices when they are received. When payables are paid, a digital copy of the check will be added to a transaction and the whole purchase will be digitally put in the complete transaction folder. Completely without having to sort or match a piece of paper.

Serial Number Tracking

Yaun Company spends quite a bit of time tracking serial numbers for heating and air conditioning products. This information will be automatically tracked by the new system. We will be able to fully integrate with UPS so that UPS charges will be automatically added to customer's invoices without holding up billing of invoices waiting for UPS charges. Often we do not have your UPS address on file.

As you can see we are very enthusiastic about our new computer system. It has always been our desire to give the best service possible to our customer base well on our way to giving you, our customers, a very stable, "best practice", state of the art business system that should serve us well into the next decade.