Wood Boilers and Pex

Most everyone knows that pex tubing is being used for connecting wood fired boilers to the hot water distribution system within homes. While the products we distribute perform very well within their rated temperature and pressure limits, very careful attention must be given to the proper piping and distribution procedures particularly as it relates to wood fired systems. Wood fired boilers can be difficult to control when it comes to heat generated in the firebox. Installers must keep in mind what safety steps should be taken to prevent overheating in the event of a power interruption. It would not take long for a roaring fire to begin to generate steam if the water stops circulating. In addition, extremely hot water in a closed system could create the potential of a bomb. Pex tube can withstand pretty high temperatures, however as the temperature continues to increase the pressure rating declines. Check with the boiler manufacturer on how to properly install safe guards and follow the instructions to the “letter”.