BUSSMANN A/C Disconnect with GFCI In Stock


Yaun Co. is now stocking an air-conditioning disconnect that meets the NEC (National Electric Code) requirements 210.63 and 210.8. These codes require a “GFCI protected receptacle (15 or 20 amps) within 7.5 meters (approx. 25 ft.), in an accessible location, for the servicing of heating, airconditioning and refrigeration equipment.”

We are stocking the Bussmann #B222-60NFGF disconnect to meet these requirements. This unit is a non-fused, pull-out type and includes a 15 amp GFCI receptacle for plugging in hand tools needed to service these types of equipment. The GFCI receptacle must be wired on its own circuit so disconnecting power to the unit will not affect the receptacle. The B222-60NFGF enclosure is metallic with a NEMA 3R (raintight) rating and offers ample working space. Knockouts are located on the back, bottom and both sides of the disconnect.

These NEC requirements pertain to commercial/ industrial applications only (one and two family dwellings are not affected). The B222-60NFGF complements the Bussmann B222-60NF residential non-fused pull-out disconnect that we already stock.

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