HVAC Customers: BX vs. MC?


Some of the electrical vendors that Yaun Co. buys from have questioned why we continue to stock and purchase BX armored cable. In their opinion, most electrical wholesalers are stocking and selling strictly MC (metal-clad) cable. We are aware that most electricians are comfortable working with the MC cables (MC has a true green ground wire where BX cables are grounded by the jacket surrounding the wires) and have made the decision to stock only MC cable. The majority of our BX sales goes to HVAC contractors who may not be aware of the ease of working with MC. These questions then go out to our HVAC customers – have you ever wired your heating systems with MC cable (instead of BX) and, if BX cables were no longer available, would you use MC? Please help Yaun Co. with this dilemma. Stocking ONLY the MC cables would free up space for other products as well as eliminating the confusion during order-filling since MC and BX are so similar in appearance (FYI – we are changing our inventories of both to aluminum jacket only. Much lighter and easier to work with than steel – NO MORE STEEL!). HVAC contractors – please let us know your feelings on this matter – BX vs. MC! This question was previously asked in a prior issue of the YaunCo Report and did not receive much feedback – we need your help!

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