FAQ PVC Sched 40 Pipe Support Spacing


From time to time customers ask for the proper spacing of supports when installing PVC schedule 40 pipe. The following is a recommendation from Cresline. Remember, plastic pipe and fittings should not be used for compressed air. SUPPORTS: Special care must be exercised in the spacing of supports on horizontal runs of plastic pipe. Supports should have a reasonably broad contact surface. Wires and rods are not recommended if in direct contact with the pipe. The following table is based on PVC SCH 40 pipe filled with water.

For Cresline polyethylene pipe, use twice the number of supports. For fluids twice the specific gravity, use twice the number of supports suggested above. For Schedule 80 pipe, spacing may be increased 20%. For SDR 26, SDR 21, decrease spacing 25%—50%.

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