Upsell and Do Your Customer a Favor


Heating and cooling contractors in todayís market must stand out from their competitors. You must start thinking what options the consumer may want. We canít assume the customer wants the same old low efficiency furnace he has now. We canít assume that the customer canít afford the more efficient products. One way to make your quote stand out from the rest is to give your customer a choice. You need to quote and make their customers aware of all the AFUE options available when selling the Ruud Gas furnace line, 80%, 90% single stage 90% two stage & 90% modulating furnace. We have been preaching sell complete system, air cleaner, humidifier etc. Letís go one step further by quoting good, better & best.

Studies show consumers will generally pick the middle option on an up-sell. Quote 80%, 90% one stage or 90% two stage. Or quote 90% one stage, 90% two stage or 90% modulating. Now that you have your customerís attention, they are thinking why did the other contractors only quote one model? This is your chance to explain the benefits of each model to your customer and show them literature which shows the awards Ruud has won: two trade awards for the 90% furnace line. Ruud furnaces are very reliable and will give your customer the quality they expect and still be very competitive. The three choices you offer your customer give them a choice which will relate to fuel saving with the higher AFUE furnaces. Keep in mind studies show more consumers will pick the middle unit. This approach will help you be more professional.

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