On Samsung Low Ambient Required Under 60deg


There is a sticker on the outdoor unit that details “Samsung units are equipped with a low ambient control and no additional low ambient control is required”. However, low ambient conditions in South Korea are not the same as low ambient conditions in North America. Standard Samsung high wall single zone units and multi zone units operate in cooling down to an outdoor ambient of 60°F. If cooling is required below 60°F ambient, an ICM low ambient controller is required to maintain the correct head pressure.

For all computer rooms, and if cooling below 32°F ambient is required, wind baffles must be installed on the the air inlet and the fan outlet of the outdoor unit. Do not use AD18 and AD26 in any application where cooling is required below 60°F. To order a low ambient kit ask for ICM328H which comes with one sensor, for dual units order an extra sensor ICM379.

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