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Think Rheem/Ruud:

for roof tops and heat pumps with unmatched cooling reliability, efficiency and ultimate comfort. New regulations are increasing the Air Conditioning Seer which can be manufactured and sold. The new minimum will be 13 Seer. Ruud has a new Ultra Series which is available in 16 and 18 Seer. Ruud also has a “Buy big, Win big” promotion for a $5000 to $15000 debit card or an all expense paid weekend to Nascar Quality 500. Reliability was never so cool. As an aside, check Yaun Co’s web site for Ruud Furnaces high score in Consumer’s Reports. For the Second Time in 5 Years Ruud/Rheem Furnaces have scored in the top Residential Warm-Air Heating Furnaces for reliability.

Think Miller:

for manufactured home and mobile homes. Miller packaged A/C system is a self-contained unit which sets outside the home and attaches to a duct fittings kit with the use of flex duct. We also stock split systems for the Miller MI Furnace.

Think Samsung:

mini - split air conditioners. They are attractive, quiet, efficient, and at the same time clean the air in your home with their patented filtration system. And they can be a surprisingly affordable choice. Think Unico high velocity duct systems. Smaller main ducts and supply tubes and small round outlets all lend themselves to older homes and offices, allowing installation of air conditioning in areas where full size ductwork could never be installed.

Think Chiller:

Water chillers lend to many jobs and offer load shedding using smaller equipment. Think Yaun Company for all your heating and cooling needs. We are here to service you and help you design the system which is right for your customer.

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