Canít be in Hot Water if you donít save it!


Rheem Water Heater reminds us that we can do several things to maximize the hot water capacity of our water heater. Locating the water heater closer to the faucet can save considerably. Itís estimated that even a pipe run of only 20 feet can result in two quarts of water being drawn off before 120įF water can reach the faucet. This can amount to more than 1,000 gallons of wasted water annually. A simple leak of as little as one drop per second can waste 2,200 gallons per year. Water that you may have purchased paid to heat and paid for again on your sewer bill. Taking showers rather than baths, insulating your pipes and plugging the sink while shaving all will help get the most from your water heater and keep you in hot water longer. Call us today and ask about a John Wood oil fired water heater.

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