Bussman Pull-Out A/C Disconnects

Yaun Co. stocks the Cooper Bussmann B22 Series pull-out type disconnects for residential, light industrial/commercial airconditioning and heat pump applications. The disconnects are 60 amp rated with a NEMA 3R rainproof metal housing with weather resistant coating. Two models are currently stocked: the B222-60NF and the B222-60NFGF. Both are non-fused, 1 phase/240v., units that can handle an amperage range of 30-60 amps. In both models, the pull-out handle can be stored in the compartment in the off position. The B222-60NF is a standard disconnect while the B222- 60NFGF contains a GFCI receptacle in case electrical power is needed for hand tools while working on the A/C unit. A dedicated line is necessary for the GFCI receptacle. The Cooper Bussmann B22 Series disconnects complement the Square D QO200TR switch-type model that is also stocked at Yaun Co. as some contractors prefer the B22 pull-out type. Whichever your preference, we have the disconnect for your A/C job requirements.