Installation Notice for Fernco Donuts

Please be aware that the tolerances of any pipe may be greater than the effective sealing of this product. Donuts seal by compression in the annular space between the pipes being connected. Considerable force (30 psi) must be exerted on the sealing surfaces during installation of our compression joints for gravity sewer applications. If the donut installs with little effort or appears to be loose, contact the factory. Fernco is providing the best possible donut available according to the description of the pipes being connected as supplied by you. The interpretation of this information is based on specifications Fernco receives from the various pipe producers. However, these specifications are often changed arbitrarily without notifying us. It is important that you and the installer be aware that this product may not function as intended due to improper or insufficient description of the pipes being connected or changes in pipe dimension or design. We recommend that all connections be tested before back fill or enclosure. Installations instructions are available from Yaun Co for Fernco products.