Ways You Can Help Your Customers Save On Their Fuel Bills

By Burt Robertson

Many homeowners are looking for ways to save on their fast rising fuel bills. The key to saving on heating and cooling is to keep the envelope of your building tight and well insulated. Many of these options are on the expensive side and will require some major renovations such as changing single pane windows and old doors. Insulation on many homes will make a huge difference and can be blown in.

What can the heating and cooling contractor do to save their customers money and at the same time make money? When you or your service personal are out doing boiler cleanings or startups on A/C systems, inspect the system to see if the heating pipes are insulated. Are the heating and cooling ducts insulated? Are the cold water lines insulated to reduce sweating which will also occur on the A/C duct if the dew point is reached. Why should your customer be concerned with pipes and A/C ducts sweating? They are not really wasting heat, true, but why risk the chance of promoting moisture giving mold a chance to grow. Pipe insulation and duct wrap are both very inexpensive and can save your customer money.

Now that the homeowner sealed and caulked all air leaks to keep all of his heat dollars in the home, they don’t know they just created another problem that excess humidity will now show up on windows and any other surface below dew point. The use of range hoods and bathroom exhaust fans will be a must to control the excess humidity. To take the energy saving to the next level, do you want to exhaust the high priced heat from your home or do you want to recover as much of the heat being exhausted as you can? We also have heat recovery air exchangers which have a heat exchanger passing the warm air against the incoming cold air. The heat exchanger preheats the cold air being pushed into the home putting most of the heat back into your home. Ask your salesman about our air exchangers.

By quoting and selling high efficient furnaces and boilers you will save your customer money on their fuel bills. You can pay more now for the high efficiency furnace or boiler or pay more for many years for the additional fuel required to heat with a lower efficiency furnace or boiler. Cheaper is not always better. It will take some communication on your part to explain to the homeowner how it will save them money to buy the more efficient unit. Save money, save heat with a true heat reclaimer. Magic Heat waste heat reclaimer is designed for use with all types of heating equipment with flue temperatures exceeding 350º, skin temperature of 250º. This reclaims the wasted heat presently being lost up the chimney. The heat reclaimer installs easily in the vent pipe and plugs into any standard 110v outlet, can easily be removed for cleaning the furnace or boiler, and is thermostatically-controlled with a factory preset to provide trouble-free operation. This will help heat the basement in the winter.