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Caterpillar’s Syndrome
I recently read an article about an experiment reportedly conducted by the French naturalist, John Fabre. The experiment involved placing several caterpillars referred to as processionary caterpillars around the rim of a flowerpot. The pot was filled to the rim with dirt and pine needles a normal food source. With the caterpillars forming a complete circle around the rim the first one touching the back of the last caterpillar, around and around they proceeded to move. For hours, then days they continued to circle until finally all of the caterpillars dropped from the bowl dead from starvation. With the food so close, they would not vary from their routine. In today’s business environment, we have to be flexible and cannot afford to be stuck in a rut or an endless circle of doing business the way its always been done just for the sake of it. It’s most important that you evaluate your suppliers periodically. Are they offering anything but “price”? Do you occasionally need technical support or special service and can it be supplied. Of course having experienced individuals as near as the phone comes with a cost. Is there some value in doing business with a supplier even if they may not have the lowest price? We’ve been in the wholesale distribution business for a very long time and we’ve learned a thing or two. We’ve got the highest quality products, the business experience and the technical know-how to make your life easier and more profitable.