Unico’s NEW Superior Space Conditioning Systems

by John Borden

Throughout the five years we’ve distributed Unico high velocity air conditioning systems we have seen steady sales growth and ever increasing contractor enthusiasm for these products. Unico has built its business on being an innovator, a problem solver. They’re regarded in the HVAC industry as a company that gets things right. That’s a record to build on. In May a group of us traveled to St. Louis to attend a two-day Unico seminar. We honed our skills on high velocity air conditioning and also learned some good news. Unico is now on line with two new high velocity A/C systems that will further extend the HVAC contractors ability to solve challenging space conditioning problems. We are pleased to announce that the following new Unico systems are available to our contractor customers...and that lead times are under two weeks.

The Unico “Unichiller” …for high end homes or commercial spaces such as multiple office areas in need of super energy efficiency, zoning, low maintenance and remote outdoor unit locations up to 300 ft. away from the building. Can use multiple air handlers with one outdoor unit or have multiple outdoor units for load shedding efficiencies. A very special system for special applications. No Freon in building. High velocity, compact. Can be operated in reverse cycle to provide hot water for space heating. Three and five ton models available.

The Unico “Unispot”…spot cooling for commercial/ industrial applications. An affordable, effective way to provide than with standard a/c systems. “Cool the worker not the space.” One quarter the operating and maintenance costs, one half the installation cost of full space cooling systems. Multiple workstations cooled with one system. High velocity, compact. Two thru five ton models available. Order for use with chilled water or Freon systems, not interchangeable. Dealers having possible applications for these or other Unico systems should contact their Yaun sales representative or call Burt Robertson in Liberty for more information.

Unico now offers an “advanced” control board, which we will be ordering on all our stocks of Unico air handlers. This control allows for slow ramp up and ramp down of air speeds on system startup and shutdown for ultimate quiet operation. It also allows for constant ventilation when the system isn’t heating or cooling. ...at ¼ normal operating costs. This control is compatible with all the various system combinations offered by Unico.

Our experience is that Unico customers are looking for top quality and will welcome this improvement to an already superior space conditioning system. www.unicosystem.com