Trol-A-Temp to ZoneFirst


At the Oil Heat Show I spent sometime with Dick Foster, whose father started Trol-A-Temp, which was the leader in developing zoning for ducted systems. Dick followed in his dad’s footsteps and is continued to be on the cutting edge developing new control panels and improving the dampers. He later sold the Trol-A-Temp product line and continued to manufacture dampers for several OEMs. Today Dick has re-entered the zoning market with even newer and easier to install product features. Under the new name ZONEFIRST™, the company capitalizes on its history of being the first to successfully market forced air zoning. It also notes the many product firsts the company has developed and lastly wants to make known that all forced air systems must be designed around zoning first and not an after thought. Think of hydronic heating, how many systems go without zoning? Almost never. On the other hand almost every air system does not have zoning. Why not? Zoning greatly improves comfort, substantially reduces Energy Costs, and is as simple as having a light switch in every room of the home. When your customers are aware of what zoning can do, they’ll buy it. Why not design your air systems around zoning. If the customer does not go for it now, wait until the fuel bill comes. It’ll be an easy sell and a great opportunity for added profit. Call us and check